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Just Make Money!


What is the point of working to death? Why do we need to do it? What is actually the end goal?

These are all valid questions that most (if not all) of us have asked ourselves at some point or another, especially if you are job seeking. At some point during this thought process you’ll need to come to a conclusion and at the end of that conclusion you will also realise that this whole thought process may have been a giant waste of time, but it is not! This a crucial thought process that is a good thing for your future. This could be the start of you thinking about coming up with your own idea on how to make some money!

No we don’t have to work

That’s right! You really don’t have to work, but then you will probably have no money, no food, no shelter and probably die. So it’s probably best that you do in fact work. That may sound depressing but you don’t have to work for anyone… work for yourself! This is the best thing you are the boss and have no one hovering over your head but also allows you to do anything you want to do!

Just Make Money!

It’s that simple! Don’t overthink it and conform to the norm of finding a job and working like that, rather just do whatever it takes (legally of course). One has to just keep an open mind and willing to make things happen. There opportunities all around us that just simply need to be exploited, it could be something small like washing a car or doing some gardening for a neighbour, making things for people , doing promotions, packaging or just being a general handy man. All these things require very little knowledge but it is easily attainable on Google if you want to know what it entails. All of these temporary jobs just adding up and before you know it you have some cash in the bank and this is there for you to perhaps start up your own idea, it all grows from there…

The End Goal

Ideally most people just want to be fat and happy, and have minimal stresses to worry about. We all have a set idea of how we would like to live a certain lifestyle. Lifestyle is so crucial as it is a large long term goal that will keep us motivated to achieve that dream!

So as the great philosopher that is know as “NIKE” says……. “JUST DO IT!


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