Does your Social Media Account pass this Employer test?

If you follow job seeking accounts like @JobAdviceSA and @JobSeekersWed, then you’ll know that social media is extremely important during your job search. However, you’ll probably also know that it could be make or break in terms of whether employers want to hire you or not. We have compiled the ultimate social media test to see just how employable you are. Here’s how it works.

Out of the 4 questions, give yourself a score from 1-4 depending on how relevant the answer is. Add your score up to see which category you fall into, and thus what chance you have of an employer giving you the job.

Profile Picture –


We’ve seen them all. The half-naked selfie, the comic book character, the drunk night out and the Christmas at the in-laws. Which description below best describes yours?

  1. Wild and Crazy – Does your profile picture have any revealing body parts in it, or is it a picture of you after your sixth shooter? This is the category for you.
  2.  It’s not you – If your profile picture is of anything other than you, then slot yourself into this bracket.
  3. Charismatic – Are you demonstrating yourself to be outgoing and likeable – perhaps completing an action or doing an activity?
  4. Mr/Ms Sensible – If you have a simple image of yourself with a neutral face, staring right through the camera lens, then give yourself a number 4.

*Ideally, employers want to see a person who gives off a professional image, yet demonstrates charisma and creativity at the same time.

Profile Name –


It seems pretty self-explanatory; however many people like to go for the obscure name to portray a certain image or make them stand out. Which of the following categories do you fall into?

  1. Abstract or political – Have you changed your name to something you feel particularly strongly about, or something quite controversial?
  2. Nickname – Possibly you have a nickname that your friends refer to you as, or maybe you just like the idea of being called that?
  3. Play on spelling – Have you tweaked your name slightly, maybe to how you’d prefer it to be spelt, or perhaps something easier to read?
  4. Nothing but normal – Is your name exactly how it’s spelt, and what everyone refers to you as?

*There’s really no beating around the bush here – employers will be shocked to see you use anything other than the name on your ID document on your social media account. Of course, there are exceptions, such as names which are shorter and easier to pronounce.

Description –


How you describe yourself in your description is as close to a cover letter or CV as you will get. Therefore, remember that you are giving everything away here – write exactly how you want someone to think of you.

  1. Loose Cannon – You may feel strongly about expressing extreme views on social media, and therefore write about this in your description. If this is you, then slot yourself into this category.
  2. Social Butterfly – Is your description flooded with talk about your social life and the latest gossip?
  3. Plato – Do you enjoy using a variety of in depth, meaningful quotes in your description?
  4. The Professional – Are you straight faced, to the point and describing yourself to be a workaholic?

*A mixture of 2, 3 and 4 is probably good here. It’s difficult to outline the perfect description because everyone is unique. However, try to give off a mixture between intelligent professional who keeps up with current affairs and likeable extrovert who is just shear fun to be around.

Written Posts and shared content –


What appears on your timeline is a great indication of the person you really are on a day to day basis. Check out the options below and decide which one suits you.

  1. Taboo – Is the majority of your context outside of the watershed?
  2. All Rounder – Do you mix your content up, getting involved in heated debates, post informed content but also your fair share of rude videos?
  3. Minimalist- Are you an infrequent member of social media whose quantity of posts are limited?
  4. Wise chooser – Do you remain neutral and resort to only posting standard and professional content?

*Once again, a neutral approach is probably best. Employers want to see you are well rounded and educated, so try to limit the amount of taboo content that you share.


Add your score up based on each of the categories you fall into to see which social media character you are. Scores are out of 16.

4 to 7 – The Miley Cyrus: Wild is not all bad, but employers will probably write you off the moment they see your profile. If you’re looking for work, definitely consider toning your presence down a bit.


8 to 12 – The DJ Fresh: We like your style, and fingers crossed employers will too. You mix exuberance with enthusiasm, but might want to consider demonstrating a bit more professionalism.


13 to 16 – The George Clooney: Consider yourself a clean cut, well presented and together individual. There is certainly nothing that most employers will perceive as a red light, but you may want to get a little more charismatic to stand out from the crowd.




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