Rich student

R12K a Month as a Student!


Earning some decent amounts of cash while studying has always been seen as impossible or at least at the detriment of ones studies. Well that was until #JSW caught up with Wezi, a guy who managed to earn R12k A MONTH while studying! Here is our interview with him…


Q:        What did you study and where?


“I did a Bsc in Property Finance and Investment and WITS (Joburg). It was an undergrad and honors in one (4 year Degree).”


Q:      What were you earning a month while you studied?


“So I started working when I was 16 and just tried different things here and there. It started off very small, in first year I was probably earning R1K – R2K a month. But by the time I got to my final year, I kind of just kept the part time jobs that I was doing the whole way through and just built on them, and was then earning around R11k to R12K a month.”


Q:        How did you do this?


“Well I worked hard at my jobs that was doing and had to find time to fit studies and a few jobs in together. I would go to work in the morning, I would my make sure my bosses, which ever job it was with, knew that I had to go to class. I would go to class and then come back and carry on working again. Then I would pick up my varsity late at night again. I wouldn’t study a huge amount until I had to, that’s why I did a lot of late nights while I was working.”


Q:        What jobs were you doing?


“At the most I think I was doing about five or six different jobs at once. Those ranged from tutoring, to being an advanced driving instructor, part time chef, assistant manager for a catering company, I did promotions, I did these market research groups where they pay you an hourly rate to come and give your opinion on a certain product. For that you have to basically be well spoken and well versed. I was also a sales consultant at a bicycle shop, which was funny cause I didn’t even own my own bike and was I selling R100K bicycles to semi-pros, and I didn’t even cycle myself.”


Q:        Any advice to job seekers and students?


“Don’t be afraid to go and ask someone for a job. Start off with the places you like and have an interest in. Start small and you must actually want to make money! That drive will keep you going and motivated for the long nights and slow hours.”


And that’s how it’s done! Don’t make excuses, make money!


2 thoughts on “R12K a Month as a Student!

    1. Hi Motlatjo,

      Yes it is great to add these to your CV, any course you do makes you a more rounded and attractive candidate.

      To add these to your CV you should include them under the Qualifications section in the following format:

      Date completed | Name of course/qualification

      It should follow the same format as your previous qualifications


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