Top Marketing Companies to work for in South Africa

Many of you have been asking for marketing opportunities on our twitter feed, so we thought we’d dive into some research and provide some advice about the best companies to work for in this field. As many of you will know, the industry is very broad, but we identified a collection of factors that we felt are most important when working for a marketing company. We reached out to employees marketing agencies in South Africa, analysing criteria such as opportunity, exposure, responsibility, and social environment. Based on the research, we are proud to announce the official top 5. For the agencies, congratulations! For the jobseekers, we hope this gives you some assistance with your search!

5 – Mustard Creative Agency

Mustard best agency SA

This sharp creative and digital agency certainly has a lot to offer. Describing Mustard in one word certainly brings ‘unique’ to mind. The company culture appears extremely upskilling, with a diverse range of learning opportunities within the company.

4 – Avatar Agency

Avatar best agency SA

Avatar unites a professional team of over 60 marketers which consist of creatives, developers, writers, strategists, account managers, producers and many others. With a high class profile and fantastic opportunities in the work place, the agency is a great place to build a career.

3 – Joe Public 

Joe Public United agency SA

This full service communications agency displays an exuberant workplace culture putting emphasis on specific values for its network. Their employees boasted they had an enjoyable working environment and powerful workplace culture. Hiring is currently in progress, so check out their Twitter feed for more details!

2 – Jellyfish SA

Jellyfish Marketing SA

We were thoroughly impressed with the training programme that Jellyfish offered from their new office in Durban. The agency offer brilliant benefits to their staff such as bonuses, medical aid and endless snacks and drinks all to complement the flexible working hours.

1 – Meltwater ZA

Meltwater Agency SA

The modern media intelligence specialists take top spot due to their great service offering, tech-focused business model and optimal working environment. Employees gave nothing but positive feedback about the high quality offices and workplace culture. The company creates a motivational environment for their people to thrive and boasts fantastic opportunities to people of all experience levels. Check out their culture video here.


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