Are you in the right job?

Are you going into the right industry?

Choosing the right industry when it comes to your career is a very important life decision that one has to make. It would seem that common opinion, is that it needs to happen at an earlier stage in one’s life. Yes, it is an important decision that will affect your livelihood but it is also possible to change your mind, after all we are all humans and are very good at changing our minds. The direction and industry you want to go into is your choice and should be based on your passions and interests.

Know Yourself

Knowing who you are and what you like, enjoy and are passionate about is a crucial step in determining your future happiness. This is a lot easier said than done unfortunately. People often deny their self-interests for a career and end up unhappy. One should look at going into a field that they have a passion and interest in. Finding out what your passions and interests are come from experiences and trying new things. The more you are exposed to, the better the chances are that you will find your passion.

Chase Your Passion

Upon finding your passion, you can start focusing on the field of work you would like to go into. What could help with this is job shadowing or doing an internship in that field as this will be able to give you a solid grasp on what the job entails. Keep a goal in mind of where you would like to be and align your activities so that you can get there.

Changing Industries

Countless people have thought they would go into a certain industry, studied and moved toward that direction. However, they have ended up doing something completely different. It’s not the end of the world to change over to another industry after your studies or even while working in an industry. If the industry you are in does not satisfy you, then don’t waste time and effort, make the change and find what you need in a different industry. You never know where new opportunities will come from or take you.



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