Best recruitment sites in South Africa

Top Recruitment Websites in South Africa

As a job seeker, you’ve probably dived deep into Google search to identify that elusive job that’s waiting for you out there. In the process, you’ve also stumbled across many companies that claim to do that for you. The recruitment industry is one that has become incredibly saturated in recent years, so we set out to identify those who really are credible, and can stamp your CV with the word ‘Hired’. The criteria wasn’t based on the largest or most well-known, but the companies we saw as those who could offer you the greatest chance of success.

  1. Giraffe Recruitment

Giraffe Recruitment

Giraffe emerged on the scene in 2015 and the Start-up were crowned champions at the Seedstars World a year later. The company specialises specifically in providing jobs to those looking in the industries of call centre, retail, admin, security and construction. Their unique algorithm allows you to be matched with a job that suits you and with any luck, you could find yourself interviewing for a position within 48 hours of signing up.


  1. Profile Personnel

 Profile Personnel

Based in East London, Profile Personnel offer a unique service which screens applicants and places them into relevant categories both locally and nationally. If you are looking for high quality personal service, then this company could certainly be the place to go.


  1. Careers 24


With over 26,000 listings in South Africa alone, signing up as a job seeker to careers 24 has got to be a necessity. Make sure your CV is clean cut and professional, as you’ll be competing with many others in the same position. However, playing the percentages may not be a bad thing – the high volume of listings means you have full right to fancy your chances of success.


  1. Job Mail

Jobmail recruitment

A well-structured and trusted service is the key to providing great recruitment, and Job Mail manage to provide both of these. A ‘seasoned’ pro within the job listing world, the company recently launched an innovative app to further help you find work. Be sure to sign up on their website or download the app in order to give yourself a great chance in the job hunt.


  1. Indeed

Indeed Recruitment

And the winner is….We just couldn’t ignore the quality of the search results that Indeed provided. This means, they did indeed manage to clinch the top spot. Be sure to tailor your details specifically to the job that you’re looking for, and you’ll find an extensive list of relevant results. By taking from a large pool of employers, we’re challenging you to use the site to get out there and find a job! Good luck!


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