Work Relay

Work-Such an interesting concept. Why has the concept of a 50 hour full time week not been questioned once since the introduction of currency? What if we could diversify our jobs, work shorter hours but still earn more money?


Let’s not forget the sole reason why we need to work. Humans need to survive, and society dictates that this requires money to pay for all our necessities. Full time positions are often exploited, with hourly wages being drastically cut in return for intense labour across an increasingly long day. Businesses want full productivity from their workers, yet how can they expect this when fatigue kicks in during the latter hours of a shift? Imagine a life where you can hop from job to job at the touch of a button and collect more money than slaving away for 10 hours straight.


With Rio 2016 looming, let’s view the concept from a relay perspective. The 400m is marked as potentially the most gruelling race of them all. A sheer test of working at full speed until the body’s capacities are fully drained-390m and you still have something in the tank, 410m and you can barely reach the finish. Throughout the 4x400m relay, 1.6km are covered by 4 competitors. If 4 runners were to share out the load and compete with a single runner over this distance, they would slash their time by nearly a minute. Can we relate this to a working day?


What if work was a relay-4 shifts by 4 people across 8 hours. That gets the job done…and some.


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