Quantify your CV?

How good can you be at your job? This question can be viewed from a variety of perspectives, but ultimately it’s difficult to know if you never quantify your experience.

Prospective employers and recruitment agencies receive dozens of CVs per day, and they all seem completely similar. Pages and pages of long winded content about the skills learned in a previous job seems all too repetitive. Throughout our educational careers, we are constantly analysed and assessed with a single letter or number placed next to our name. Performance can directly be measured and we can instantly be set aside from our competitors. Suddenly, our transition to the workforce sees the tedious, unreliable and somewhat flawed process of differentiating people from words alone.

A company called ClockWork believes that quantifying experience is the key ingredient in the candidate analysis recipe. Constant assessment of performance measured through ratings, experience and punctuality will allow you set yourself out from the rest. We want to give you the chance to take care of your own career, constantly having an updated profile which tracks progress and performance across all jobs. Our real time scoring system will allow you put yourself head to head with everyone in your field. Become the best in your area, your Province, your Country and beyond. By helping you know where you are, we are challenging you to become the best you can be.


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