Part Time or Full Time work?

We are challenging you to rethink the way you staff in order to maximise product and minimise costs, giving you that marginal competitive edge. Run a fluid staff complement to see how you can enhance your business.


As a business owner, you understand that seasonal variation plays a huge role in the fluctuation of turnover throughout the year. During the busy periods, it is imperative that you have enough hands to meet the demands of what’s required. We are all aware that improving productivity will enhance your company’s bottom line and allow you to expand, where finding quality workers can significantly increase your output. You want the best workers who can get the job done at the fastest rate.

There is no doubt you’ve found that being overstaffed during quieter periods means that profits are often far from maximised. This leads us to question whether full time employees are the way to go-and instead a set of the best, most talented once off individuals will develop your business whilst saving money.

How do you know they’re the best? Companies like ClockWork directly quantify user experience and bases your candidate search on the essential criteria you are looking for. A collection of performance, experience and punctuality factors are drawn together to produce a real time scoring system. This will find you someone statistically proven to be the best in your area for the role.


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